Live Classes

The platform is built around the live classes, in which the students can join Imal or Miss Rafiq, live in a zoom class. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the timetable, so that the student knows when to login and join.

During the Live Class

It is in this setting that the student can interact with Imal or Miss Rafiq via the chat or by speaking to them directly using their mic.

Maths Work

Throughout the week, Imal will set work for students on the MathsWatch platform. This is how progress is tracked. In the case a student is struggling they will have access to Imal's lesson, which has been recorded and uploaded (including all the previous lessons). Or, if preferred, students can watch the short revision clips to help them calculate their answer.

English Work

The English Work page is a place for students to interact with Miss Rafiq directly. All homework should also be uploaded here. All work posted on the page can be checked and viewed by Miss Rafiq and by other students. This feature will also enable the students to learn from each other.

Tutor365 Social

Your subscription will also give you access to Tutor365 social page. This is a great place for students to interact with Imal. Students have the ability to drop questions, which allows Imal to help them directly (by commenting on the post or during the live class).