Imal Akbar

Science & Maths

I was inspired to create a platform that was inclusive to all. Now whilst you will be wondering why this platform is such low cost, do not underestimate our service. Our top-quality teaching and genuine commitment to help others will give you an unmatched service. Try it today! Qualifications: Studies Mathematics at Cardiff University

Adilah Rafiq


A dedicated and passionate teacher with a strong academic record. Holding seven years of valuable experience in the education sector. Miss Rafiq is able to establish a supportive relationship with all students, with an aim of promoting and reinforcing a student's independence and self-esteem. She is a qualified NSPCC counsellor and offers a holistic approach to educating others, regardless of your age, background or academic ability. Every child can and will succeed! Qualifications: MA in Psychology and Education- University of Warwick PGCE with specialism in English- University of Warwick